1. dakota shepherd

    aww there so cut together

  2. Jennifer

    The DOUBLE STANDARD still exists…does she not know that she could go to jail because he is an underage minor? Just sayin…. if their ages were reversed the shee-at would hit the fan…..the guys always take the fall…

  3. Corina

    Aww 2 me dey look so d@m cute 2gathe who gaf wat dah ppl say? If it love 2 b dem it will dont let dah h@ters ruin it n yo beliebers out dere if yall were actualyy beliders yalll would be happy 4 him nt b h@ting on his gf



  5. nicole

    they look so cute 2geather if they love each other noting can stop them

  6. i know have you seen his hair cut

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