1. Blake

    Dear God that is one hot cast of men!

    This show would be so much better if this was the maximum wardrobe for every episode.

  2. abs

    Ok the most impressive are jake t austin and greg sulkin because we all knew that David had a good bod, but not greg and jake. I first started noticing jake by his biceps and chest his biceps kinda poked out of his small shirt and chest was getting more out. great job boys represent disney in ways like this but dont go nude like vanessa!!!

  3. Jessica

    OMG!!!!! JAKE JAKE JAKE!!!!! DAMN boy(: Damn Gregg!!! Holy shmoly David!! wow HO BODS!!! (: <3333333

  4. Jessica

    ment HOT*

  5. Julia

    Ai Meu Deus, Mais q Deuses Gregos David David David Gostoso Lindo, Jake Gostosinho Meus namos

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