1. Natalie

    My choice for Christian would be Dan Feuerriegel from STARZ show Spartacus. I choose him for a few reasons (and yes, I’ve read all 3 books)
    1. He is a virtual unknown that has the opportunity to show everyone what he is capable of. If a known actor is chosen, it could create extreme expectations.
    2. He has a REAL scar on his chest. No, it’s not a burn but who cares. Adapt….make the abuse more than just burns.
    3. He has the look. Oh the look. The messy, just f***ed hair and the grey/blue eyes. I’d let him whip me all day.
    4. And speaking of whippings……He’s proven on Spartacus that he can go from lover (even loving but harsh brother) to badass in .2 seconds. He’s that awesome.

  2. I concur with Natalie. She knows wherefore she speaks.
    Dan Fuerriegel would be an incredible & believable Christian Grey.
    He can ‘play’ it all!

  3. jerry

    i’m gonna have to disagree natalie sorry

  4. jerry

    disagree he’s annoying

  5. britney

    not a fan either at all there are far better for this role

  6. kimmy

    controversial role is too much early in his carreer

  7. Jamie

    I think he’d do a great job, he’s been amazing in Spartacus and I’d love to see him excell in other areas!!

  8. Danielle

    I agree Dan’s the man!! Great actor, not to bad on the eyes.. ;)

    • cj

      I also cast a vote for Dan , I am looking forward to his next project and think to see him play Christian Grey, I can describe in one word, Yummy!!

  9. Dan is perfect for the role He’s a great actor and It is great beautiful what wastes nothing! Vote for DAN!!!! Yes we can ….

  10. geoff

    dan who? no one cares about dan he sucks

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