1. Rea Ana

    Sorry Chris. Obviously you didn’t learn anything. Only the victims of domestic abuse and your fans can tell you when we stop talking about what you did. You have no say until that, and you will never have a say as long as you continue to react to everything with violence. Your actions today make it clear you still have anger issues.

    • MEKA

      I dont feel bad for what chris did. People act like he was the first at doing something like this…. u continue praising others that did worst than him but yet stay bashing him so his mistakes. Chris Brown is only human and as humans we can only take so much. this is his day…why are people still bringing up the past. Chris you have every say and u have every right to do what u feel. you cant keep throwing dirt in people face and think that they are suppose to react in a positive manner. People need to grow up, stop being ignorant and LEAVE THE BULLSHIT ALONE. That’s the problem with the world now people are more focused on the wrong others do rather than the good outcomes. I love him and i will continue to support him 100 percent no matter what!!!!!

    • Kelly brown

      You need to shut up. Cause he’s my man and he is sexy as hell and we already had our first Kid and he said that were planning on getting married on his birthday which is tomorrow yay

  2. SandeePB

    @ Rea Ana, You’ll have your day as well. We all do. Hopefully you won’t have an ass instigating issues you’ve moved past…. I despise Good Morning America and all the other instigators out there that are so insecure with themselves they try to destroy the good others are doing. Freaking Robin Roberts is a horrible person with 10 phony faces. F k her and all the other haters that don’t give people a chance or credit where it’s due. SHAME ON YOU ROBIN ROBERTS.


    It’s funny how entertainment mirrors society so well. Charlie Sheen is accused of battering his last two wives, putting a knife to one’s neck during a drug and alcohol fueled rage during Christmas, yet he kept his job at CBS and no sponsors pulled their advertising. Mr. Sheen only became reprimanded when he spoke out against CBS, ad that’s when they flexed their network muscle and dropped him. There is definitely a double standard in society as well as Hollywood where the destruction of Black entertainers careers is rampant.

    The altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna was wrong. No one has the right hit anyone unless in self-defense. Mr. Brown has paid his dues and deserves a second chance. Or maybe like Mr. Sheen he deserves infinite chances! I believe the media is set on destroying this young man and instead of promoting the good he’s done in his career they want to continue to highlight the one blemish.

    The entertainment business has worked hard to destroy the careers of Black artist all the while offering chance after chance to white men and women who have acted out in some of the most ridiculous ways. Another person who has had infinite chances, and thankfully has been able to turn his life around is Robert Downey Jr. I doubt anyone in Hollywood remembers the crazy antics he was involved in, even falling asleep in one of his neighbor’s daughter’s bed. Now that’s wild.

  4. D. Rogetrs

    Robin Roberts was totally wrong, I saw GMA this morning. Not only was she out of line, she could let an old issue rest. Two years ago two young people made a mistake – they were both wrong; now it’s time to let both of them move on. I belive Robin Roberts knew this was a sentive issue for Chris Brown and I saw her push all the wrong buttons. As an Experienced newscaster she should be held responsible for Chris Brown’s meltdown. SHAME ON YOU robin roberts!

  5. mubarik

    swear dis shit makes me mad, everybody need to leave chris along, dis shit happing too years ago why everybody want to ask what happing to between him and his girlf , that happing and everyone need to let that shit go,

    • jess

      YO YO YO…. MUBARIK its spelled HAPPENING you dumb fuck! Your not allowed to voice your opinion unless you can spell! Go back to school and get a EDUCATION!!! “DIS SHIT” be annoying!!!!!!!!!!

    • jess

      YOU ARE NOT allowed to voice your opinion.. do not get to excited at least I can correct myself!

  6. magic

    chris brown is the best and people are just stupid to be stuck on sumthing that happened in the past an to chris breezy ha8ter we aint thinkin about you so deuces …i love you chris brown your my idol an who ever that doesnt support him are out of there mind you must have sumthing missing in your brain …CHRIS BROWN all the way an 4 get every body eles …

  7. paula

    i would have got mad to that stuff happend two years ago n people still asking him questions about it. im pretty sure he dont want to relive that day every day of his life like he said he is focused on his album (F.A.M.E) and yet she kept asking him questions about the what happend two years ago and even i can see that he was gettin mad…. dont u know when to stop with the questions!!! he was on there for his album not about something that happend two years ago!! omg get over it!!!!!!!!! it happend two years ago u see he is trying to move on but he cant because people keep bringing it back up… he is doing bigger and better things now soo leave him alone!! let him get on with his life!!!

  8. tommie jackson

    chris brown has the right to refuse to answer a question why try to make him answer robbin roberts you were totally wrong never again will i watch your show, you were wrong tommie

  9. InkRed

    Awww come on Ppl…Chris Brown is the new Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown: Good Grief!!!” Chris Brown: “All that bullshit is for the birds & you a vulture.” Same difference! My advice to everyone is simple: Wahn, Wah, Wah, Wonh, Wah, Wah, Wah! Thank You Ms. Donovan for making it all sooo clear! NEXT! hehe…

  10. JJ

    <3 fInDiNg'MySeLf <3

    • Kelly brown

      If you want to say something about my husband go right a head y’all peeps who are ha8ters need to get the setppin and say out of me and mr browns life if you going to say some bullshit about him I don’t think you know anything about him he didnt do nothing wrong it’s not his fault that he didn’t want to talk about it Chris has moved on now so stop being a dumb ass and bringing this shit up again

      Aka mrs brown / Chris brown wife out

  11. ariana brown

    umm i love chris brown (: chris keep doinngg what youu dooo booo (; i lovee youuu (:<333

  12. ariana brown

    ummmm all yall can hate on him ; buut hes had drama in his lifee and peoplee keep makingg moree soo juss leavee his sexyy bootayy alonee HATERS (:

  13. ariana brown

    @reaan look chris brown is who is sooo get off hiss jock ! serioulsyy !!! i still lovee himm peoplleee still lovee himm sooo juss leavee himm aloneee !!

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