1. Indrigo Valendez

    Jeezz, that Flaunt picture of Chloe! I don’t care to be P.C.!
    The truth is, I just came in my pants!

  2. Irina Krawshlicki

    Okay, I’m a girl, but now I know what my older brother meant when he talked about this young Chloe Moretz. He said: “This girl is soo hot, and she has the most incredible mouth… born to suck cock”.

    He’s right. As a girl, I’m jealous… Her mouth is fab! And the rest of her too.

  3. Chloe junkie

    Second that. She’s just too hot! And let’s not kid ourselves…. she clearly knows how sexy she is, and the effect she has on men.

    I constantly think about her when I go to the bathroom….. cough, cough….

  4. Obvious Truth

    Look at that picture!

    She has her legs slightly open, seductively.
    Skin on her perfect belly exposed.
    The skirt clearly unbuttoned.
    Her hand gripping the skirt as if puling it down.
    Her face conveying a cocky: “Wanna fuck me, big boy?”

    So let’s get some facts straight:
    - Yes, Chloe is only 15, but…
    - She is sexy as hell.
    - Everybody… yes, everybody… knows it and plays on it.
    - Hence, she is a lot of guys sex dream / mastrubation fantasy.
    - And… anyone who screams “pedophile” when this is admitted to or stated… is a bloody hypocrite.

    And those are the facts!

  5. Jason

    She is not hot at all. And not pretty. Her mouth has a strange shape and she has sooo small eyes and a round face. She looks soo young and that “pose” is ridiculous. Calling her sexy or hot is ridiculous.

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