1. Dr. Jeffrey E.Twarog

    We just saw your movie Burlesque.
    I want to thank you so much for that production.
    Cher, your song “you haven’t seen the last of me yet’”
    Iis so inspiring and I hope we haven’t seen the last of you yet.
    and as far as Christina goes I knew she could sing but did’nt
    know what a wonderful actress she is as well.
    I go back to the Cher and Sony Bono days and have many of your albums.
    My daughter is soon to graduate with a Ph.D from the woman’s studies
    program at UCLA. She lives in L..A. and we have been out( we live on Cape Cod,
    Ma.) several times. She just got married with the ceremony being on the El Matador
    beach. We have been up the trails at the Will Rogers state park and have enjoyed the breathtaking views of L.A. ( air rigts..mmmmhhh, that is an interesting concept).
    The point being I want to thank-you and your staff and of course Christina for giving
    all of yourselves to this wonderful lmovie,(love story, etc.) and cher we hope we “haven’t seen the last of (you) yet”. Thank- you again. Jeff Twarog

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