1. anonymous

    worst belly button ever.

  2. pinkblings

    I agree. Her belly button looks gross

  3. nooty

    her belly button. what about her body

  4. mash

    not sexy. looks like a man

  5. Melissa

    This photo made me shiver a little. And I am suddenly hungry.

  6. Someone w sense

    Why must the comments be so PRO anorexia? Everytime you see an abnormally skinny person – Gwen Paltrow, Kelly Ripa…. your comments use words like “jealous”, and “chiseled” – Give me a break! I dont want to look like a 12 year old boy when I am at the beach, as a woman…. this is a joke.

  7. cowboyturds

    Her whole body is disgusting , she should wear a 1 piece. And for a change , super size her happy meals!!!

  8. Well at least she is fit & trim after 3 babies! Such mean comments…definitely sounds jealous to me. She has a sexy husband, a career and 3 healthy kids. She has a lot going for her if you ask me! Her belly button is unique and if you don’t like it-too bad!

  9. tiggy

    kelly rippa has a boner belly

  10. asdfghjkl

    i have never seen a body so gross before.

  11. Joe

    She has a vestigial penis

  12. wow

    penis belly button

  13. YUCK

    One ugly bitch and what the hell is in her underwear, looks like a flat penis to me, gross.

  14. jack sprat

    Lighten up, people. Kelly’s body isn’t that of either a body builder or an anorexic. What it is, is a naturally petite and slender body that has been honed by dedicated aerobics and cross-training. It’s obvious that the girl eats by the quality of her muscle tone; you cannot get that without sufficient nutrients and protein. My guess is that she minimizes carbs, abstains from alcohol, and throws herself into her exercise as enthusiastically as she seems to do everything else. (You maybe haven’t noticed that Consuelo is one fiercely handsome man? Dude’s still there, in spite of her hectic schedule. It’s a good bet that she’s just as enthusiastic in the sack.)

    She’s high-energy, ambitious, wealthy, and genetically blessed. You don’t have to prefer her physiognomy to appreciate that there are those who do. Some guys like plus-size, too; some don’t. Vive le difference!

  15. coo

    seriously??!!1 wats hot about her?!! all ur seein is skin and bones!!!! and where are the tits?? my friend who just turn thirteen has more tits than her by far!!!

  16. Cynthia

    Kelly EAT something !

  17. Helen

    Kelly, love you – had a friend w/ outie belly button and had surgery when in hospital for other problem – no big deal!!

  18. p33n0r belly

    penis on her belly

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