1. anonymous

    fat fat fat

  2. LOLO


  3. pinkblings

    HOT~~ NICE BODY! The negative comments: Why don’t you post your pics up? Fat? Do you think runway models are ideal? I do not see any fat anywhere except in your head! Freakin haters make me sick

  4. aaaaa

    I think they said that her boobs are fat…..but the model still hot…

  5. joe

    disgusting!! trashy!!! pig!!!

  6. Anonymous

    What kind of bodies do you people like anorexic ones? She’s not even close to being fat her curves are perfect.

  7. Lucas

    Fat? She’s not fat. Who says that Coco is fat is really, really jealous. You Americans should stop calling all curvy women of fat. In fact, you should see the brazilian women and know what are REAL hot bodies, without plastic surgery. She is not fat, but she is fake.

  8. Pugiron


  9. dude

    when she takes a crap, does the turd even make it out of her crack?

  10. janet

    Coco is fat fat fat. Her implants are horrible, her butt is huge, she is butt ugly!

  11. ART

    She isn’t fat. She just needs to wear something that actually fits her, instead of an extra small, maybe a medium. That bikini is disgusting though.

  12. I thought it was amber Rose!!

  13. .....

    is it man or a girl?

  14. romeo

    old is gold bortha old is gold

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