1. Gilvanete

    #6 It is shooting raidation in to your brain!#7 Radio is just as interesting and you can draw/clean/exercise at the same time#8 You could use the exercise of picking it up, and throwing it off your balcony#9 Those CEOs at the networks and cable companies need to be taken down a peg#10 You deserve better

  2. duane

    Brooklyn Decker is, to come right out with it, one of the most gorgeous, sexiest, most downright HOTTEST girls on the contemporary scene. Her portrayal of Adam Sandler’s would-be bride in “Just Go With It” was one of the highlights of that film. She is certainly, definitely the kind of gal that would make the most committed homosexual want to renounce his sexual preference. So, Brooklyn, sweet darling, you go on showing off your babeliciousness. We male admirers of yours will go on drooling over you and aching down to our loins.

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