1. tiffany green

    alanis rocks the planet who wrote two albums before moving to ca from canada. who also did a small part on just one of the girls w/h actor corey haim. and on you can’t do that on television. alanis did sing oh canada. but not everyday it was played at her school glebe high. on a video tape. alanis had change her music at 19 to 21 year old that album jagged little pill in 1995. she has a rockstar image cool type of young lady who related to fans because she write songs that she knows what true and closer to her heart. and what she’s going threw.

  2. tiffany green

    alanis is super amazing she’s a good person she is a good mom & wife to mario & ever irme. she is so happy and i am happy 4 her as well. i wish her the best w/h everything. love biggest fan: tiffany green.

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