1. anonymous

    they both look so happy with eachothers! :)

  2. Rayna

    With Ferras and Markus, they must have had a blast. Sauli seems like so much fun. The pictures from Adam’s birthday party were great, lots of friends, lots of goofiness. Sauli is a celebrity in Finland so knows how to handle a little “intrusion” by fans and paps.

  3. Bianca

    So happy for both of them!

  4. Lliz

    Gay or straight, most people only wish they could be this happy. I love Adam and his “This is Me” attitute. Love it or hate it, I don’t care….. I hope they remain very happy together. I wish I could get my makeup to look as good as Adam’s lol..

  5. i luv adam!! his new bf is sooo cute lolz i think he will be good 4 adam

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