1. booboo

    Oh, Adam. You look like a mess. Who the hell is telling you to only ever wear black and grey or shave your head like that or wear those stupid fugly boots? Your boyfriend sure is fond of the camera. Why is he silver and orange? No one cares about you anymore.

    • Joanna

      How DARE you call him ugly !!!! Millions of people love and respect Adam, he is the best vocalist in the world today and a beautiful person, f#*!k you ! and Sauli is sweet and genuine and very discreet , wow and smoking hot here, i feel sorry for you that you can’t see the beauty in these two

  2. Cheyennew

    Sauli is smoking hot! He is just a doll. Adam-not his best look. Hair-boy’s got to play with it, but when he takes to the clippers, we just suffer until he gets into his next hair phase. And ‘booboo’(good name for you), other than about a million or so peeps who are dying for his next album, and for any glimpse of him or tidbit of news about him, you’re right, no one cares. That’s why every move he makes, including going out to dinner with his hot, sweet boyfriend, is a story. And you are here to comment on it.

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