1. Voltairie

    There’s something about Adam and Sauli’s gleeful expressions that remind me of the days when our UCLA Sorority pledges would horrify the housemother by holding hands and skipping down the halls. We would link our fingers and laugh madly when she flew into a rage about our “unwholesome decorum, so unfitting!” We were the first rebels in our white bucks and cashmeres. We’re still here and we say: “Go for it Adam! Have fun now. This is the time of your life! ENJOY!” P.S. We’re droollng for your next CD even as we relish “FYE”.

  2. Lissy

    OMG they are so cuuute! And drunk! LOL. HO SHIT Adam has legggs for days, he is amazing. LUV LUV LUV him, and luv seeing him so happy. I can see why, his boyfriend is adorbs.

    Thanx for the pix, I’m hearteyeing like a mofo!

  3. Lam My

    Adam’s radiance shines from within ; this is love all right ! Adam, Congratulations on your Glam Nation DVD/CD at #1 spot on the music video chart, only over a week of sales ! You are untoppable !

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