1. chica63

    This is one of my favorite quotes of Adam’s. Gorgeous, talented, smart, self aware and socially aware. <3

  2. remede

    love, love, love Adam.

  3. Dinah-mite

    Is there any doubt why we LUV this man?? He’s like the Sexy Pied Piper dressed in leather, leaving a trail of Glitter… And to top it all off, he actually has a BRAIN!!
    But don’t get too comfortable with him, he will TOTALLY reinvent himself at any given moment…Yup, he’s one Helluva chameleon,if you want boring, don’t look his way… HELL NO!!!

  4. magsmagenta

    No 11 is my favourite, what a beautiful and true thing to say :)

  5. One of the best quotes ever! It’s never ceases to amaze me how Adam can be an Educator, Philosopher, Philanthropist, Hippie, Fashionista and a Rock Star with out even trying, who comes up with a simple truth that is immensely profound! This is something I would expect to come from a wise old man, not at Adam’s young age of 29. He’s a very old soul who has the voice of an angel and the sex appeal of the devil ;)

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