1. Esurb

    Alas! The Michigan basketball uniform has now confiscated the Speedo world: They draped some nice prints over the hard-ons of these leanly lovely models and demurely hid the masculine thigh. It does sexify the knee, but I’ve always suspected the idea is to make a fellow feel 7 years old again.

  2. Bill

    They found the most unsexy Speedos known to man. Why are some men drawn to cover their thighs? The bare thigh dictates the shape of the man. It’s always amazing that they can wear these “shorts so low that their genitals are almost exposed, and yet they carefully cover their thighs like they should be kept covered. Show more of the thigh and less of the pubic hair (or not), and you’ll look more like masculine men. The calf and the knee cannot generally be sexy on their own. Back to the sewing machines, Speedo.

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