1. Eric White

    It is ridiculous how gorgeous this woman is. Boobs or not.

    • Gorgeous is an understatement. Sophia is so earthy, and
      yet so beautiful, that I realy get the impression she smiles
      so widely, and conveys so much emotion in the same way
      that women dress down to lessen the excitement over their
      sex appeal so people can focus on the person, not simply
      their own libidos. Check out her more subdued photos and
      you’ll see what I mean. No less than classic Venus. If I were
      a forensic professional, and compared the symetry of her
      mouth to other models, it’s obvious she could be the femme
      fatale in a classic B. & W. noir movie during the Golden Age
      of Hollywood. How ya gonna keep em down on the farm
      once they’ve seen that town, eh ? Heh.

  2. Wade Ho9dges

    Veragra! [new spelling]

  3. Jon

    She is hideous.

  4. Ale

    It’s Colombian, not Columbian.

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