1. dropdat

    Now i can jus say she is jus plane bold wid it she has the most on it and she’s not a man & i can give & take with with the guy because with guy u know there thing do need a little fixin once in awhile even babies so i thing she is jus thinkin & actin NASTY in front of every1 or maybe she sendin some1 a msg that her ‘thing’ is itchin and need scratchin if u get what i mean ;) lol be it true

  2. SPAZllool

    she’s so friging amazing, i think she tottaly got into her song because she does have powerful, amazing songs that you really get into and she probably really got into it and did’t realise where her hand was going xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Robert Bobbington

    This is great. I hope this trend continues in 2011

  4. Vanessa

    why has she turned into a major slutbag?
    She use to be my rolemodel back in 2005, she’s such a hoe now.
    Quit your antics, no one cares.

  5. burner

    Lol Rhi-Rhi is such a fug why do people think that Alien forehead is so hot?
    the same with gangly, annoying Miley Cyrus.

    There are some innocent ones in here, but the rest are just lame attention seekers.

  6. Mr. Marshall Crist

    I found this story very “touching.” BTW, Rihanna is a terrible, terrible singer.

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