1. Evangelist

    The name Megan is synonym of lheiersadp, compassion, justice, generosity, fairness, love, beautiful, fun,a trainer,team worker,concientuous,good mother,good wife,good daughter;good aunt, good boss (my boss at School Health Program), and good friend! That’s what I know about her. Thank you Megan!! Also, I want to say to the family that my heart goes out to you!! I met you guys when you used to pass by the office at Rochambeau Avenue, and I always admired the unity and love you showed to each other as a family. I used to tell Megan and I let her know that she was doing a good job, especially with the way she was bringing up her children. I miss her… God Bless her always. Rita

  2. Roger D. Sarver

    Des She come with them?

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