1. Flor

    she is the worst actress in the world!

    • shania

      Actually she isn’t I don’t know where you come from saying that she is the worst actress in the world. Do you know how act? Are you in movies that make over 3 million dollars world wide, I don’t think so. You need to get your act together and stop calling people you don’t know bad actresses. I bet you haven’t seen most of Kristen’s movies , I bet you only saw twilight and maybe Panic Room. Why don’t leave her alone and get on with your life.

    • DG

      Doubt that any of us on this site are in the position to judge acting ability…like/dislike is another thing though, so your opinion is your opinion. I LIKE her acting and her indie movies even if they don’t make $. And those who ARE experienced & in the industry say she has unlimited potential. She’s going to be around for a long time ahead.

  2. Dinindi niyangama

    u liks cut…….kris……………….like u so much……….

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