[Photo Gallery] Sienna Miller’s Hard-Knock Life

Burdensome is the life of a celebrity, for their work is never done.  Join me, will you, as we look at exhibit A: Sienna Miller.  Ms.  Miller appears on the beaches of Barbados looking worse for wear and indubitably overtired.  Poor thing.  Perhaps the British sparkplug should seek shelter in the nearest five-star hotel.  But wait!  Our gal seems of the sprightly nature as she embarks on a raft ride through the frigid Caribbean waters.  Ever the advocate of safety, Miller dons a life vest before climbing a raft seven(teen) times her size.  SM knows better than to rely on the swimming skills of Jude Law for a swift rescue.  Bask in that sun, Sienna.  You deserve it.

How cold is it where you people are? My week went from bad to worse as I split the holidays between New York City and Boston.  Snow stopped being fantastic once school closings became irrelevant.  But you hang in Barbados, Sienna.  We’re good up here.  Frost bite is a myth.  Something the kids made up to scare little Timmy.

Gallery Info: Sienna Miller basking in the glory of vacation in Barbados on January 4th, 2010.