Phil Spector’s Crazy Hair Is Just the Tip Of The Iceberg

Getting drunk and pointing his gun where he shouldn’t seems to be a favorite pastime for music producer, Phil Spector, whose murder trial began with testimony from his ex-girlfriend, Dorothy Melvin. Melvin, who was working as Joan Rivers’ manager at the time, claims that she woke up after spending the night over at Phil’s place to find him outside, drunk and pointing a firearm at her car.

“I looked out the front door and [Spector] was outside pointing a handgun at my new little green Mercedes,” said Melvin, a 50-ish brunette who formerly managed comedian Joan Rivers.

“I started screaming at him, ‘What the f— are you doing?’ He screamed back, ‘Get the f— back in the house!’ … He smacked me in the side of the head with his hand holding the gun. At that point, I knew I was in trouble,” she said of the July 1993 ordeal.

After pleading with him, and receiving another blow to the head, Melvin claims that Phil allowed her to leave. Hoping to avoid a media frenzy, she contacted police to retrieve her purse from Spector’s home, but declined to press charges.

I’m sorry, I’m still stunned at the concept that this man is capable of getting dates.

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