Phil Spector Defense Lawyer Could Be Held in Contempt of Court

I still am not completely sure what “in contempt of court” means exactly, but I know that it sounds very official. And ominous. Sara Caplan, who was formerly working as an attorney for Phil Spector’s defense, has refused to testify about evidence-gathering made by forensics expert, Dr. Henry Lee, in regards to his collection of an object at the scene of Lana Clarkson’s death. Last month, Caplan made a statement at evidentiary hearing, indicating that she’d witnessed Lee collecting “a small, white object with rough edges” at Spector’s home, according to E! News Online. L.A. Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler ruled that it was still possible for Caplan to be held in contempt for her refusal to testify to this at the criminal trial. The L.A. District Attorney’s office is claiming that the mystery evidence was, in fact, an acrylic fingernail belonging to Clarkson.

“It could have been of great value,” Fidler said. “Now we will never know. The people have been prevented from putting on their entire case. The jury is entitled to know that.”

Caplan, on her part, is claiming that she not only does not remember details about the incident. Personally, I’m content with my knowledge of criminal law stopping where “Law & Order” ends, so basically…this is just starting to bore me. It sounds way too much like real news to hold my attention. I require sex-tapes, mental breakdowns and fiery explosions! Entertain me, universe!

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