Heidi Klum And Seal Like It Hot

Phew!  Heidi Klum’s romantic department is in top gear, because God forbid her life suffer from any shortcomings…

Klum recently revealed in an interview that activity in the bedroom with rock star husband of five years, Seal is “nice and spicy,” and apparently without the need of costumes or gimmicks.

In addition to having over-the-top outfits every Halloween, the couple renew their vows each anniversary in a themed ceremony (“white trash,” and “brides n’ grooms” fancy dress have been some previous themes).  

Klum tries to keep it humble, painting a picture of her early career as jobless and lonely.  Apparently back then her English was “terrible.”  Quite the opposite from where she sits now, atop the Project Runway empire, modeling for Victoria’s Secret, and designing two kid’s clothing lines.

Whatever, Heidi Klum.  In these pics you look better wearing a schmata and sans makeup than I do after spending an hour tarting it up.  Enjoy your spicy sex with Seal, you lucky wench.