Peter Peterson A/K/A PC Goes Shirtless On ‘NYC Prep’ & Sparks Gay Rumors

The character of Peter Peterson (A/K/A/ PC) on Bravo’s reality series NYC Prep has remained somewhat elusive since the first episode, which introduced the young member of the Manhattan’s high school elite as being notoriously flashy as well as passionate about shopping and fashion.

Now, these shirtless pictures of the 18-year-old have turned up and the story behind him seems to be sparking more rumors that Peterson is in a very exploratory phase of his sexual development.

The story behind the pics has PC starting off at this photoshoot as a photographer’s assistant and somehow ending up in front of the lens and posing with the photographer, both of them shirtless.

Hmm, in any case, things are certainly getting interesting.

Gallery Info: Peter Peterson goes shirtless as the character PC on NYC Prep.