Methface McCrackhead Arrested Again

That’s my new cute pet name for Pete Doherty who somehow avoided being convicted today after being arresting on suspicion of drug possession. From

Doherty had been arrested around 2:30 AM Monday, after performing with his band Babyshambles at a festival. But, according to reports from the UK, Judge Susan Williams had to let him go, saying, “Anyone arrested for a breach of bail must be brought before the court and dealt with in a 24-hour period.”

Lucky bloke. If Pete was in The States then at this point his handlers would rush him off to a cushy rehab facility to take long morning walks and eat peeled fresh grapes. Then he would re-emerge in three days completely healed of all ailments. It’s magic!

Do you have similar issues as Petey? Try the Wonderland Center, “It should’ve worked for Lindsay, but it will work for you!”