Peter Brausnstein Is One Fucked Up Dude

November 8th, 2005 // Leave a Comment

You’re all probably asking who the hell is Peter Braunstein. It’s a good thing you don’t know. He’s a freelance writer and author who wrote about pop culture for the Village Voice and Women’s Wear Daily who just happens to be the “prime suspect” in the phony-firefighter Halloween sex attack – a deranged journalist who is already on probation for terrorizing his ex-girlfriend. We always new that fashion attracted pyschos but this is way too fucked up for even our worldly ways.

The ex-girlfriend claims Braunstein harassed her for 18 months, taped her hands to a chair, sent hundreds of frightening emails and phone messages to her professional contacts and her family, and posted her naked photos and personal information on an adult web site. In Braunstein’s defense, breaking up is hard to do.

Two years later, Braunstein “planted an outlandish item in a gossip column, claiming his ex-girlfriend had him committed to Bellevue Hospital’s psychiatric ward.” That gossip column was Page Six, and the item, from January 8, 2004, names W beauty director Jane Larkworthy as the ex-girlfriend. In the Page Six “report” — which is basically an extended quote from the man himself — Braunstein is portrayed as a victim to Larkworthy’s sexually psychotic tendencies. Too bad it was actually the other way around.

Thankfully Peter also has/had a blog. So we get to really delve into the mind of this odd man out. Gawker has some must read stuff here.

Then all of a sudden, for a brief moment that final day, I glimpsed her core. I don’t think I’m stepping on the suspense by describing it as a Silence of the Lambs moment. I saw an only partially-composed, child-sized being, nailed to a surgical table and comprised of three different parts: fear, rage, and fear at its own rage. It was hard to tell whether the three parts were taken from different children or just from BioHazard. On her chest was this tiny red blotch where the heart should have been – evidently, the Evil Doctor who experimented on her at a too-too-tender age made sure it was the first thing he removed.

Huh? He most likely also has a profile on Craiglist, so buyer beware.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

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