Peter Braunstein: Ebay Shopper

Now that Mr. Braunstein has been captured, I’m sure more details into his psyche will be revealed over the coming months. One thing that we’ve learned about Peter Braunstein is that he was a good planner. He purchased the fireman overalls (shown above) back in late September under the I.D. of “gulagmeister.” I’m sure there is some hidden meaning there that we don’t know about. In case you are unaware of the alleged crimes of Peter Braunstein, here’s a little recap.

Braunstein (on Halloween night) allegedly set two chemical fires in Dixie cups on the landings of the Woman in Market’s Chelsea apartment building wearing a firefighter’s uniform he had bought on eBay under the I.D. “gulagmeister”? He had changed it from “dr-groovy” a month prior, explaining to one seller, “Same loyal customer. I just don’t feel like Dr. Groovy anymore.” All Braunstein had to do was say “fire” and knock on the victim’s door. While neighbors made their way downstairs to the wail of fire trucks, he allegedly drugged her with chloroform, bound her to her bed with duct tape and leg shackles, and assaulted her for eleven hours. He gave her a sleeping pill and took one himself. In her closet, he selected choice pairs of shoes from her abundant store of stilettos, outfitting her in them as a video camera ran.

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