Peter Facinelli Is ‘Da Man’ Of Many Trades [PHOTOS]

Peter Facinelli sure knows how to keep himself busy! The Twilight star is gracing the cover of Da Man magazine, and this actor/writer/filmmaker/father had a lot to share!

When asked about his writing process, Facinelli stated:

I write a lot at night, I feel like my creative process works really well at night. After a long day, I’ll be in bed and I’ll just start typing until my fingers get tired. During the day, I’m thinking about what I’m going to write. A lot of my creative energy is stored throughout the day and then basically comes out and writes itself.

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In regards to switching from Dr. Carlisle Cullen in Twilight to playing Dr. Fitch Cooper on TV’s Nurse Jackie, Facinelli admitted that switching between the two roles was hardly a challenge at all, and that it was in fact “exciting to switch back and forth between them.” Talking just on Twilight, Facinelli confessed that Eclipse struck him as his favorite due to the action stunts, but that he would also “hold my judgment until after I see [the next] Breaking Dawn.”

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Not ready to say goodbye to Dr. Cullen? Well, don’t worry– you can look forward to seeing him in theaters in January in his new film, Loosies. Jamie Alexander plays the love interest to Facinelli’s character, and you can look forward to Vincent Gallo, Michael Madsen, and Joe Pantoliano gracing your screen as well. Excited yet?!