Peter Facinelli Shows Off The Handsome For Bello Mag

One of our favorite vampires and doctors, Peter Facinelli is featured in the latest issue of Bello Mag, which you can check out here!

In the article Peter talks about his career, family and his character Coop on Nurse Jackie.

I have to ask about the upcoming season. What can viewers expect from Coop, the lovably inappropriate doctor who has a penchant for grabbing breasts while under pressure?
“Coop grows up a little bit this season,” he tells me. “It’s been four seasons of being immature and babyish, and he’s still kind of funny. But he gets a girlfriend, and he kind of mentors this new girlfriend doctor, so it’s kind of funny to see him [do that].” 

His outlook on his character:
“I always felt like Coop is a kid trapped in a grown-up’s body. He has no social filter. So he’s not mean-spirited, which is likable to me…he lives in his own kind of world and sees things though his own eyes.”

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photography: Aleksandar Tomovic
fashion editor: Warren Alfie Baker