Peter Capaldi Rocks The New ‘Doctor Who’ Look As He Films With Jenna Coleman

Doctor Who Goes Royal
The cast & set got a visit from British royalty!
Ladies and gentleman, prepare to get your Doctor Who on as today we bring you some super fresh photos from the season 8.

The 12th Doctor (13th Doctor? 14th Doctor?) Peter Capaldi was spotted on the Doctor Who set in London today, filming with his companion, the always gorgeous Jenna Coleman.

It’s nice to see Capaldi’s new Doctor costume in action, and not just in a photo that was circulating around the web yesterday. I have to say I rather like it. 

And I expect to see plenty of people cosplaying the look at LA’s Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One in a few weeks. So, how are you guys feeling about Doctor Who at the moment? I’m in a weird limbo place where everything sort of bothers me cause it feels tainted by Steven Moffat.

Still, it was nice looking at photos of Peter and Jenna with the TARDIS. They look like they’re having a grand old time. Maybe guys, just maybe, season 8 won’t bother me.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Peter and Jenna shooting Doctor Who. Aww, and look, Peter even posed with fans. Adorable. So how are you feeling about the show? Sound off in the comments!