Pete Wentz’s Fall Is New York’s Fault.

Pete Wentz celebrated Christmas with a shiner.  The skinny jeans-lovin’ rocker was spotted in New York City with a black eye.  Though some sources speculate he was punched in a bar fight, his rep insists Wentz fell on “the mean streets of NY,” according to Us Magazine.  I’ve really never seen anyone suffer such facial injury from a fall on a street.  Even if that street is in New York City.  We’re a tough crowd, but we’re not prone to violence.

I can’t focus on the eye when Pete Wentz’s skinny jeans are staring me in the face.  He’s so little.  He might be smaller than his wife, Ashlee Simpson

Wentz did get his son, Bronx, some sea monkies for Christmas.  So the holiday wasn’t a total wash.  In fact, it was said to be quite peaceful.  The whole Simpson family was there because Ashlee is starring as Roxie on the Broadway production of Chicago

Gallery Info: Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson in New York City on December 24, 2009.