Pete Wentz Wants To Rule The World (On Twitter)

Does anyone find it weird that Pete Wentz is more famous on Twitter than in real life (his band’s on hiatus and he’s doing….what exactly?)? The sort-of rock musician, sometimes entrepeneur and Twitter-er with 2 million plus followers said last week at the 3rd Annual Digital Content NewFront that Twitter will be his claim to fame (read: sad).

The mega Twitter user started off by saying that, “people believe that I spend every second of every day on
Twitter. I love the site but it’s not true, I probably spend much more
time on I’m kind of a news junkie.” But then Pete’s true colors came out. How many followers would he (pictured in Beverly Hills on Sunday with his son and wife Ashlee Simpson) like to aim for?

“I want a billion,” he said. “I want to be a billionaire.”

I guess while his band takes some “time off” he’ll have a lot of time to work on that…