Pete Wentz Starts A New Band

Pete Wentz
has finally figured out what he’s going to do about that Fall Out Boy indefinite break, and it’s called Black Cards. That’s the name of his new band, so I think it could be safe to say that Fall Out Boy is dunzo.

So what’s the new sound? The band was inspired by Wentz’s trip to Jamaica mashed together with “old British stuff” a friend of his had been listening to. Add to that bizarre mix a new female singer, plus Wentz’s “nonsense and ideas” and you get “stuff I could never write or never had a perspective to write from in FOB,” as Wentz (pictured with son Bronx Mowgli at Tree People in L.A. on Wednesday) said on the new band’s new website. Slight burn.

All in all, the new band sounds kind of shiteous. He’s already admitted that Black Cards “is not for everyone.” But did did give a pitiful shoutout that he still will “remain Fall Out Boy’s #1 fan. At least he’s moved on to something productive; I was starting to get worried about the guy.