Pete Wentz Pities The Fool

…who would fall for a prank from his wife.

Pete Wentz suspected that he was almost the victim of an early April Fools joke last night. “Ah saw Nicole Richie out at dinner,” he tweeted. “Feel like I dodged a prank between her and my wife by seconds.” I didn’t even know Ashlee Simpson and Nicole were friends. Not much else to do when your last gig was pimping candy (okay, I can’t lie. I would love that job.)

Richie confirmed his suspicions with her own tweet. “I had a PERFECT prank for Pete Wentz, but he caught me!” She only saw the failure as a reason to try again. “Grrrrrrrrrrr. Gonna have to step up my game,” she tweeted. I’m dying to know what the prank was. Maybe they were going to tie him up so he would be stuck to a hand cart all day. Oh wait, he does that for fun.

Here’s Dady Wentz earlier yesterday before the failed mission:Get Pete, as he takes his son to a book store in Beverly Hills. Little Bronx is so adorable I can’t stand it. He does some walking on his own in tiny cargo pants and then Pops picks him up while the little one  gives a questioning look at the cameras. “What, you never seen anybody get carried?”