Pete Wentz Lost It After Fall Out Boy Broke Up

Well, I could have seen this coming. Pete Wentz, who started the (totally weird) band Black Cards after Fall Out Boy broke up, admitted he went through a deep depression after the band splot. He says he “hit rock bottom.” Yep, a Jamaican/retro Brit band definitely sounded like rock bottom.

“I became this guy in a plaid shirt
and grew a depressed guy beard. It was hard to go from every waking
hour thinking about (the band) to nothing,” Wentz said, pictured with wife Ashlee Simpson and their son in Sherman Oaks, CA on Monday. “It was the thing that drove
me to get out of bed
and do everything… I was bummed out. I moved to New York with my wife
for a little bit and went through a whole range of emotions. I was as
rock bottom as you can get.”

Did he do depressed guy things too with his depressed guy beard? I don’t remember him looking all that bad honestly; he kind just goes grocery shopping with his kid a lot. And Target. Real life is, like, so hard!