Pete Wentz Falls Out With Ashlee Simpson

Those Simpson ladies do not seem to have the best of luck with men. Usually the story concerns Jessica and allegations of her being equivalent of ‘sexual napalm’ but today, it concerns Ashlee.
Apparently Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and her husband Pete Wentz, pictured here in Target, Ca on August 21,2010, have had a falling out over his choice of singer for his new band, Black Cards. Pete has decided to go with female singer, Bebe Rexh and Ashlee would rather he didn’t. A source told In Touch magazine,

“She was so worried about Pete straying that she was fighting with him constantly about Bebe. Her friends told her to stop being so controlling or it would drive him away. Finally, she listened. Now that she’s giving him more space, they’re getting along much better.”

Hmm, who knew that not nagging your man results in a more harmonious relationship. But seriously, what lady wouldn’t feel a little worried if an attractive singer with a ridiculously made-up name was soon to be spending almost every waking hour with your man. Jealousy is a given.

But according to the Simpson-Wentz representative – there is no truth to the story whatsoever,

“Both (Ashlee and Pete) are committed to their marriage and are each other’s biggest support system professionally and personally.”

Well now we know.