Pete Wentz Dresses As Hannibal Lector And Promises Crazier

Always a fan of masks and costumes  Pete Wentz introduced  his clothing line Clandestine Industries at NYC Fashion Week in a Hannibal Lecter costume complete mask, straight jacket and hand cart. He was unwrapped by an assistant but kept the mask. Now that Wentz is on an indefinite break from Fall Out Boy he has some time to focus on his clothing line. 

“This isn’t gonna be a show. Expect some drinks and some loud music. And maybe a familiar model or two,” the designer tweeted about his…er…show? Ashlee Simpson-Wentz cheered on her husband.  The Chicago star looks like she’s tired of sassy readhead and buxom blonde and has returned to her original “looks aren’t that important” look

After the party/show Pete again took to Twitter  again saying “Its gonna get crazier. I don’t care what people think anymore.”  You were holding back? Can’t wait to see what crazier is.