Both Pete & Ashlee Wear The Pants In The Relationship

Photos: WENN

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz sat down for an interview with People magazine and talked about everything under the sun–fashion, hair, make-up–well, everything except the baby. I guess they’re saving that one for a final PR push for Ashlee’s record.

Even though these two have a tendency to call each other “babe” way too much, sort of like Michael and Jan in the “Dinner Party” episode from this season of The Office, they really do seem oddly perfect for each other. The fact that they can share clothes is very convenient.

According to Pete, “I ruin her pants by wearing them. [When] I was on Today, I wore a pair of her pants.” And here Pete is, ruining yet another pair of Ashlee’s pants as he’s out and about, pumping gas. He’s lucky that ring he got her is enormous.


18 more photos of Pete Wentz pumping gas, and a friend stopping in Golden Apple comic book shop, are after the jump.