Joe Simpson Plays Grinch to Pete Wentz

Joe Simpson has decided that daughter, Ashlee, is not allowed to bring her boyfriend, Pete Wentz, into the Simpson home over the holidays. According to Star magazine, Joe’s always harbored a healthy dose of cynicism about their relationship and now, “with the news of his possible bisexuality, Joe blew his top.” Apparently, Joe is just now learning what the INTERNET is because this is old-ass news and it’s really just about Pete kissing boys or whatever. And even though Ashlee’s not happy with her father’s decision, she’s going along with it. Seriously, I know that Joe used to be a preacher and is supposed to be so conservative and whatnot, but when was the last time this dude preached in a church? Either way, this relationship can’t possibly last, because those Simpson girls love listening to their controlling daddy. He won’t be happy until they’re both married to him. Yeah, I said it. Go ask Nick if I’m wrong.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online