Pete Doherty’s Prison Diaries

February 13th, 2006 // 7 Comments

While Pete Doherty was spending a little time in jail, The Guardian asked Pete Doherty to keep a diary. Unlike Lindsay Lohan, Pete has decided to share his with the world. See what it’s like to be inside the head of Pete Doherty.

The diaries start out with this entry:

January 28, 2006. The story starts here with a slap in the mush from some unsympathetic magistrate. I’m banged up in Pentonville with more than a tailor’s dozen charges on me tail. God knows why: the band should be smashing up the Toon, Glasgae and Shepherd’s Bush this weekend and instead I’m birded off on remand after a slow clucking duck walk (sitting too) through the bowels of Bethnal Green nick, Thames magistrates and now da ‘ville. Innit bleeding marvellous?

And end (the last published entry) with this:

February 5, 2005. For my own sake – because it feels like they have the power to cut off my head – I must become a hero, organise my life and obtain from it what they deny me. If I live, in order to continue to live with myself, I must have more talent than the most exquisite poet. These people can only put up with the tamed heroes – they don’t know about heroism.

I must say, he does know how to build himself up. But it seems like the sobriety lasted maybe a day.

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty was reportedly kicked out of a football match for taking drugs in the toilets – only hours after he vowed on national television to stay away from crack and heroin. According to the News Of the World, the former Libertines singer was told to leave the QPR v Millwall game at Loftus Road on Saturday after he was caught with heroin.

Only hours earlier, Doherty told Channel 4 News he would stay away from crack and heroin after being released from prison on charges of possessing drugs.

It’s hard on the outside, isn’t it Pete?

Doherty kicked out of football match [Virgin]
‘It’s always been about melody. But melody and I met in many depraved situations’ [The Guardian]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Dr. Tia

    I have no idea who this guy is ?

  2. Small Fry

    Dr. Tia, this is the ex boyfriend of Kate Moss….the one who was involved with her whole line snorting thingy. He is in a band called the Libertines.

    I don’t think there’s a lick of hope for this guy.

  3. netty

    Huh?? What a looser this guy is…And nice band members to let their friend get this far. Their music sucks and anyone who looks up to this untalented freak are freaks themselves….Its sad to think he has followers and they’re probably messed up too!

  4. John

    He’s not actually in the Libertines anymore.

    The Libertines don’t exist anymore. Pete Doherty is the frontman for a band called Babyshambles now

    And it’s because his band members in the Libertines did care for his health that they eventually broke up.. Pete was going off the rails with drugs and they told him to get clean or he was out of the band.. You would call that tough love.. But he couldn’t help himself, couldn’t get clean. and it eventually led to the end of the band

    In a nutshell..

  5. Anna

    Which sucks, The Libertines were great but Babyshambles aren’t nearly as good.

  6. Passport Junkie

    hear hear Anna….hear hear….

  7. Bilo

    sadly alot of you people have no idea what drug dependency or any sort of dependency is like and how destructive it can be. will we called the royal family junkies since harry was using large amounts of cocaine or will we sugar coat it because he is part of our elite society whereas someone like doherty who speaks to our youth is victimised. anyway, go buy your sun or your guardian(intelligence pending)look down your nose at todays youth and slip quietly into bed with your toast and marmalade and your nice john grisham book. x

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