Pete Doherty Is A Romantic

March 9th, 2006 // 22 Comments

Pete Doherty shows his love for Kate Moss by scrawling “I Love Kate 4 Eva” on the windshield of his car, after another one of his court appearances. Somehow, I don’t think she’s listening anymore.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mariana

    Thanks to this fuckstick, Kate Moss’s vagina is now officially Love Canal. And by that I mean that it’s irretrievably contaminated and inhospitable to other life forms.

  2. Anne

    Let’s play a game. FInish this sentence:

    Pete makes me want to…..

    For me it’s vomit.

  3. Kelsey

    Poke my own eye balls out…

  4. Small Fry

    Pete makes me want to……

    Blow my nose and put on some pimple cream……..oh, and visit the dentist.

  5. L&LMommy

    Take a shower and brush my teeth after looking at him. Nasty!

  6. LeeAnne

    What the HELL was Kate Moss thinking by hooking up with this loser?? Am I the only one who wonders why she would even look at a slimebag like him?? EWWW! I guess it goes to show that “love is blind”? Or maybe she saw him through her “, COKE glasses???” I’m feeling sick to my stomach now…

  7. Big Daddy

    Pete makes me want to…..

    Soak in a rubbing alcohol bath….

    Ew. The bastard’s just nasty. Imagine his breath.

  8. Alan

    You people are pathetic,lonely and talentless! Pete Doherty ROCKS!! Libertines forever BITCH!!

  9. netty

    Does he even remember what it feels like to be sober?

  10. s

    you know… the libertines were a fucking awesome band. but this dude just wasted it away with the drugs. it’s sad really… a lot of people would kill to have half the career opportunities and talents he’s had. when the british tabloids get tired of him, the courts will treat him like the rest of the addicts, and his life’ll be over. too bad…

  11. Cynthia

    Pete makes me want to….
    toss my cookies…..
    turn the computer off and never look at another Pete Doherty item again…..

  12. Ella

    pete doherty’s lyrical and musical abilities should not be overshadowed by his drug use.

    that’s what is sad.

  13. princess m

    Pete makes me want to…
    stop hooking up with my dealer.

  14. Unable to let this opportunity pass

    In another recent post about Pete Doherty, someone posted that his former band “saved rock and roll.” That must be why the rest of the world, and by that I mean America, had never heard of him or his band before he climbed in to Kate Moss’s bed?

    BTW, while I cannot understand how she came to be a celebrated “beauty” and/or supermodel because I find her just very odd looking, I believe what attracted her to Doherty was the fact that everyone knows that rock bands – even 3rd rate rock bands who are unable to make it in the only true musical market that really counts – have unlimited access to drugs. You want to know what she saw in him? The bag of blow that was sticking out of his back pocket! Of course it was true love – for the crank!

    Does anyone else find it ironic that the model who brought about that whole heroin-chic thing actually turned out to be an addict? She probably really WAS strung out on smack way back then!

    While I find Pete Doherty to be utterly replusive and reprehensible, I don’t think Kate Moss looks much better in terms of physical beauty so they really were a well-matched couple.

    Okay, I have zipped up my teflon suit now with which I will deflect all of the angry responses that my inability to find anything even remotely attractive about Kate Moss is because I am blinded by my envy toward her….

  15. Kelsey


    I totally and COMPLETELY agree with you. I really think Kate is fugly! As discussed in a previous Kate post…we decided that she has a Salamandar look about her…her eyes are too far apart and her body has NOTHING. She is one supoermodel that I look at and go, wow, I’m so glad that I look like me instead of Oh I wish I looked like her!


  16. NaughtyBits74

    This man looks like a damn ghost or something. What’s the appeal? I don’t get it. Saw the bastard and his band on Live Aid…never heard of them before then…saw him, couldn’t stand to look at him, couldn’t understand a word he said ‘coz he was so f*cked up.

  17. doofus

    yeah, libertines forever! too bad he’s not in that band anymore! kicked out for his drug abuse!


    to “unable” and Kelsey…

    I’m with you 100%. no one ever heard of this band until the stories about his DRUG USE made the headlines. not how great his music is/was, but how much of a addict he was.

    also, unable, I was one who questioned exactly how the libertines “saved” rock and roll. I don’t get how they did it, and I asked for an explanation…I don’t expect one.

    btw, can I borrow that teflon suit?

  18. Emma In London

    He is vile and the day he shuffles off the planet is no doubt imminent…….thank fuck!

  19. Silasdog

    You folks are cracking me up. Answer me this: On what planet is this guy a musical genius? If there is a buzz in the entertainment/music biz about this walking overdose of a sleaze bag, then what freaking galaxy is it all happening in?

  20. nina

    for your information, Pete STILL is in a band.
    He is the frontman of Baby Shambles, and did an amazing record (not as good as any of the two liberties album…)
    And he IS really talented and sensitive, despite his problems, he is a person who deserves toi be respected, even is he doesn’t respect him self

  21. las

    Unable: I disagree with you about the Libertines — I can tell you from experience that music hipsters have known about them since the Pleistocene.

    But Pete Doherty could be the most talented musician in the world — unfortunately, he’s always so drugged-out, sweaty, grimy and stoned-looking that he makes me want to scrub my body with bleach. And according to Blender magazine, he should have died two years ago!

  22. molly4pete doherty

    pete is a legent and if ya say anything bad bout him then u obviously ent listened 2 the words of his songs! he is so talented!! and gorgeouse!!

    pete 4 eva!!!

    and what pete makes me wanna do??

    makes me wanna kiss him!!

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