Pete Doherty Injects Smack Into Unconscious Girl

April 28th, 2006 // 58 Comments

Well, if you didn’t think Pete Doherty was ill in the head before, what ya thinking now? This man is such an applaing person. When is the British legal system going to do something about Mr. Doherty?

Drug fiend Pete Doherty stoops to a shocking new low in pictures in today’s Sun newspaper showing him injecting heroin into an unconscious fan.

The junkie Babyshambles singer, who has won the heart of supermodel Kate Moss, was snapped jabbing the pretty youngster as she lay in his squalid kitchen.

Other pictures seen by The Sun show the rocker — who faces drugs charges — injecting himself and being helped to take drugs by a girl using her hands to form a makeshift tourniquet. Yet another sees Doherty, 27, smoke a “crack bowl”, his tattooed and blood-stained arms betraying his addiction.

The disturbing scenes were captured by a pal at Doherty’s pad in Hackney, East London, within the last five weeks.

Kate, 32 — who has been secretly seeing the singer despite claims they had split — was NOT present when the drug photographs were taken.

The comatose girl is from a middle-class background and idolises Doherty, often visiting him at his flat. She was left on the floor while he and his pals prepared more class A drugs for themselves. A source said: “Doherty will self-destruct. He has no regard for his or anyone else’s safety.

“It’s one thing killing himself, but to inject a young girl as she lies on the floor is a disgrace. He should be in jail.

I’m thinking that the end is quite near for Pete Doherty.

Pete injects female fan [The Sun]

(Thanks Nathan for the exclusive scan!)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. s

    holy shit… that is messed up. i’m a big libertines/babyshambles fan, but enough is enough. lock this guy up already.

  2. Helen Sparkles

    If I woke up tomorrow and Pete was dead I wouldn’t be surprised. We hear, from those who have spent time with him, what a brilliant boy he is. I don’t know about that but really bright people manage their addictions if they don’t want to lose them.

    BTW could he be removing the syringe from the girls arm after she crashed out?

  3. Rob

    He really has stooped to an alltime low… although some reports over on this side of the pond say that he’s actualy removing it from here comatosed body…

  4. johnnygirl

    Wow. Even if he’s removing it, why is she passed out in his kitchen with a needle hanging from her arm?!?! Sounds like someone should’ve paid attention to her earlier. I hope Pete gets help before he kills himself and/or others.

  5. Fred


  6. mutterhals

    Ugly self-destructive British men are so sexy. I think I’m love.

  7. Sheena

    Well,I don’t understand why he is not in jail already.And to me,I think you really have to be sick to do something like that to someone that is passed out from drugs already.And he need to be charged for that also.

  8. OMG if hes taking the needle out then it’s not really his problem. If this young girl was doing smack why blame him? WHo knows she might be a little druggie too.

    LOL at first the girl looked like Angeline Jolie because of her lips!

  9. Kris

    Doesn’t matter whether he’s shoving it in or removing it. The point is that he’s even present on the scene.

  10. ravenswing

    through his ugly pasty ass in jail for good

  11. s

    actually, the syringe removal would make a helluva lot more sense. after all, who would take a photo of someone injecting heroin into someone who is already passed out? wouldn’t you step in to prevent their almost-sure death?

    in any event, it’s disgusting that he’s even around this shit. awesome talent, but throw him in jail already. yikes.

  12. PleaseThink

    My question is why was the asshole taking pictures rather than stopping him or calling for help? Oh yes it is more important to take the pictures to sell to the tabloids than to help the poor girl. The photographer is just as guilty as Pete or anyone else that was there and did nothing.

  13. sweetserenity

    WTF is wrong with these people.Can someone lock him up already

  14. yomama

    maybe he was injecting her with adrenaline to wake her skanky ass up?

  15. Anno

    Courtroom spin on the situation: She was in a diabetic coma and he saved her life with an insulin injection.

  16. yomama

    I mean, why would pete dorherty waste precious heroin on some girl who obviously doesn’t need/can’t enjoy it? I really don’t think he stuck her with heroin…
    I live in the uk, and the tabloids are always pulling made up shit here.

  17. Cynthia Babyshamble

    I’d still sleep with him. He’s HAWT!!! He can inject me with anything he wants to anytime!

  18. Midge

    I think Pete and Courtney Love would be a perfect couple. Pete and Courtney 4 evah!

  19. Pete <3er

    Yeah, why would he inject his precious heroin in someone who can`t even enjoy it? What a waster! No seriously, he could not be doing that. He might be a drug addict, but he is not evil. Actually, he IS pretty sexy. I totally agree Cynthia babyhambles. He can inject anything in me. Just hopes he doesnt kill himself anytime soon.

  20. Iconoclast

    Cynthia Babyshamble said:

    I’d still sleep with him. He’s HAWT!!! He can inject me with anything he wants to anytime!


    We can only hope that he will and improve the average IQ of the human race by a small, but significant amount.

  21. James King

    The British legal system IS trying to do something about him, actually!

  22. Mike the Party guy

    Looks like your normal date rape scene to me.

  23. Anon

    i hope he injects you idiot girls with AIDS

  24. di

    The fans that continue to support Kate and Pete are actually killing them. Seriously, they need to hit rock-bottom before they will recover from their issues. But that’s never going to happen as long as they are continue to get make money off people who think their behavior is cool. A sad thing, really.

  25. anon

    If you look at the image closely, you can see that his thumb is not on the plunger, instead his fingers are on the sides pulling on the needle. Because of this, the photo shows him removing the needle. This is not to say that he didn’t inject anything into the girl, but the photo is not evidence of him injecting the girl. Also, this probably is not adrenaline, adrenaline is generally injected into the heart for OD’s.

  26. Pete <3

    I`ts really sad that he kills his talent with drugs, and he is a terrible role model for his fans. But that does not change the fact that he COULD be doing something to help that poor girl.
    And it does not either change the fact that he is both talented and extremely sexy! ;-9

  27. Pete <3

    I`ts really sad that he kills his talent with drugs, and he is a terrible role model for his fans. But that does not change the fact that he COULD be doing something to help that poor girl.
    And it does not either change the fact that he is both talented and extremely sexy! ;-9

  28. Gossiphunger

    I just heard that Pete has been getting it on with Lindsay Lohan, any truth in it?

    only found one site claiming it was not their rumor The Daily Happy, looks like a UK gossip site, I also read something on a Style forum about it

    any leads?

  29. netty

    Are you kidding me JANE? I highly doubt he’s helping her take it out. this is absolutely disturbing and no matter what it is you never force anything on anybody w/o their consent. This guy has to be put away. With all the arrests and court dates he’s had, nothing has been done to stop him?? and when he dies, then everyone will be sorry for not doing something sooner!

  30. k

    There is something I am not buying about these pics…

    Squalid kitchen? Stainless steel cabinets or fridge in the background hardly scream “squalid”…and it looks like the guy in the foreground of the pic is a photog…

    Yea..I’m not buying that this is what they say it is, even though I do think he’s a total scumbag.

  31. dolphin 47

    Go, rott in hell!

  32. Evan

    HOw do we even know that’s smack in the syringe?

  33. las

    It’s Pete Doherty. What else would there be?!

  34. missy

    ok if that is him in the photos, and it’s not heroin in that needle, then what the fuck do you think he’s doing? giving the bitch an insulin shot? not likely.

  35. Trickytara

    the guy who sold the pics claimed that he was injecting her…if she’s a groupie i wouldn’t doubt it. these rock guys mistreat groupies all the time and they think it’s hillarious…this guy is one fucked up human being.

  36. anonymous

    He’s “hawt”??!! Jesus woman how many times were you dropped on your head as a baby???
    AS for kate moss… i mean in the real world if there was a woman with a drug habit who was going out with a self confessed smackhead who was in and out of court like a yo yo and had been photographed bringing her child out of a shop that sold drug paraphenalia at 2am, would she be allowed keep the child? Should she? I think not. She is a pathetic moronic mess and her and that idiot deserve each other.

  37. Kim B.

    I don’t know what to believe, but I almost have to agree with the notion, why inject a drug into someone who can’t enjoy it. His friends were probably photographing the girl being stoned/passed out (whatever you want to call it) to take the “piss out of her” if and when she awakes (who knows with these types). Anywho, bottom line…druggies hang with druggies and as far as Kate is concerned…Jefferson, take your kid and run!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  38. SmartAss

    Who cares? Wow, some guy is doing drugs. How does it effect me. I wish i could take back the last two minutes of my life and not read this dumb article.

  39. k

    Hey SmartAss..none of the stuff on this site affects any of us, it’s all mindless..that’s the point. A little escape from the shitty news of the world helps now and then….

  40. ohpleaze

    Pete who? Baby who? Who are the Libertines? Remind me–I’m supposed to care about this guy because….what, he’s a druggie? No one in America has ever heard his music? Wow, takes a lot of talent to stick a fuckin needle in your arm. Go ahead and die already. What a festering boil on the world’s butt.

  41. missy

    i actually like the libertines. and i’m american. just fyi. and yeah they’re not the best but they have a pleasant sloppy drunk sound that i enjoy.

  42. Pete <3

    And we all know that Pete has sold pics of himself to the tabloid earlier, to get money for drugs. So perhaps this is just a PR-stunt from him and his friends? Ha ha! And he really is hot! Like alot of taleted junkies in history. (who also dies long before their time).

  43. ravenswing

    thank god, this asshole has just been ARRESTED for this. He WAS injecting her and not removed said needle. I hope he rols in jail.

  44. ravenswing

    thank god, this asshole has just been ARRESTED for this. He WAS injecting her and not removing said needle. I hope he rols in jail.

  45. tinks

    Just fyi (from what someone mentioned farther up), you do NOT inject insulin into someone in an insulin coma or overdose. That would very probably KILL them. Rather, they need glucose, or any kind of sugar they can manage to ingest. No offence intended, but this is a common misperception, and possibly a dangerous one.

  46. tinks

    Oh yeah, and GROSS! Either die or get help already, Pete! How many people are mooching-off/enabling this guy, I wonder? :-0

  47. petehater

    This guy is just seriously out of control. He is in the papers NON STOP, time after time, living this “hip cool rock and roll” lifestyle, setting an awful example to the youth of today (see girls above saying he can inject them with anything because he’s “hawwwt”. Yeah ok, clever). He is scum with total disregard to anyone but himself, and you are morons for supporting him. I second the idea for him to inject you with AIDS so you grow up quickly, and then you can all die together making this country a better place.

  48. pete ur f*ckin amazing although i do not condon wat pete done he is f*ckin amazing and i hope to meet u some day pete. ~~~FREE DA WEED~~~

    pece out jev !

  49. Emma in London

    Lock the dirty little skag head up and hope he gets his arse ripped open! He utterly disgusts me and wish he were anything other than British, he’s an embarassment to us all……fucker

  50. !

    I can’t believe Pete would do that. I mean yeh, he’d inject himself but injecting another (younger) person is evil.

    He needs to get sorted out though, maybe putting him in jail would sort him out in the long run.

    It’s a sad thing to see when you listen to the music he’s created and the things he’s done.

    I don’t think I can believe this story.
    And if it’s true then I’m disgusted.

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