Pete Doherty Has The Functionality For Blackmail?

It’s doubtful that Pete Doherty even knows his own name at this point, so this is suspect. But sources close to Kate Moss are saying that she’s still incredibly angry over his calling her an “old rag” in that interview. And that he has allegedly asked for some scratch to not say anything else to the press. Be careful, Kate! I think he might spend it on drugs!

When Moss read the story, “she burst into a screaming rant and called him a ‘traitor rat,'” the source adds.

Now, Moss “just wants to forget him.”

Pals are worried he hasn’t quit causing trouble and have suggested Moss give him a “donation” to keep him quiet.

What’s he gonna tell us that we don’t already know? Any illicit behavior on her part pales in comparison to the shit he gets up to. For god’s sakes, I’ve seen photos of him putting a needle into an unconscious chick’s arm and there was blood all around! And didn’t someone fall to their death at one of his parties? I think that’s a little more serious than her sticking her knuckles down her throat any chance she gets and doing a bump at the recording studio that time. Don’t get judgey, Pete.