Pete Doherty Appreciative Of Kate Moss’ Hiring Practices

August 20th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Pete Doherty has taken up with an ex-girlfriend. An ex-girlfriend who Kate Moss hired to model her damn clothing line. Do these people all rut in the same circle over and over? London’s a small city but damn, why not date the president of the Babyshambles fan club? Probably because she just overdosed behind a gas station.

Kate Moss received another blow courtesy of junkie ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty as it was revealed the Babyshambles singer is back with ex-girlfriend Irina Lazareanu – the girl Kate Moss chose to model her Top Shop collection.

Pete was seen arriving to meet Canadian model Irina, at top London hotel Claridge’s in London’s West End before travelling to V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex.

Oh! And he got busted again! Why doesn’t this guy just travel around in a cop car? He’s going to end up in one by the end of the night anyway. Keep reading for the arrest info.

More Peter After the Jump

Later Doherty, 28, was reported to have been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs in the early hours of this morning. The 28-year-old singer was arrested in the Tower Hamlets area of east London at about 2am today.

His lawyer Sean Curran confirmed Doherty is being held at Bethnal Green police station after the car he was travelling in was stopped by police.

Why would an ex-girlfriend go BACK with this guy? Why would ANY woman be with this guy? It’s not like he’s got a ton of cash or he’s an attentive lover unless you like being drooled on or are into necrophilia. Is it that they see him as puppy-like and want to save his ass? Yes, a puppy covered with sores, driving a car up onto sidewalks with a needle hanging out of its cute little arm. That puppy needs to be put down before someone gets killed!

By J. Harvey

  1. PeachPie

    “….why doesn’t he just travel around in a cop car”.
    LOL! (wiping tears away).

    For God sake, will SOMEONE, anyone PLEASE, PLEASE FINALLY CONVICT HIM??!! My god, if I ever become a junkie, I’m moving to the UK.

  2. Interloper

    Hold on…I thought Irina whatserface dated Sean Lennon but was old friends with Pete Doherty? And best friends with Kate Moss. I read an interview with her just the other day stating all this.

  3. vcbfd

    “Why would ANY woman be with this guy?”
    – Cause he’s BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED — god, why can’t you just leave the guy alone?! if you don’t like him, QUIT posting pointless articles bringing him down!

    “It’s not like he’s got a ton of cash…”
    - moneys not everything, dear. i hope you soon realise that..

    “or are into necrophilia”
    - hah. hilarious. =|

    oh, how pathetic.

  4. green cardigan

    I have a strange little crush on him, filthy nails and all. His eyes are the mirror to his soul.
    I’m getting treatment though, and hoping for a full recovery from this!

  5. ZeldaF

    Eeeeeeeewwww. But you could REALLY actually imagine kissing that rot infested mouth or having those filthy fingernails touching you? Eeeeeeeewwww. I can’t imagine what those women see in him. He’s GOT to be a cess pool of std’s.

  6. green cardigan

    ZeldaF- I reckon he’d pass the 60 metre inspection. (Meaning if you stood 60 metres away, you would think ‘mmmmmmmm , not bad).

    I don’t think he’d pass the 6 metre inspection (the smell would probably get to you), and no way would he make the 60cm inpspection. You’d have passed out yourself by that point.

  7. hy33

    This guy is begging to be teabagged

  8. nymphetomine

    Kate is just as big as loser & idiot for staying with this douchebag for so long. Where the hell is her daughter? Or has her coke infested mind forgotten she has an actual person to take care of & who needs her mom’s love. skank.

  9. telepsa

    that guy needs two things:
    Detox and a shower. Cleaning and whitening his teeth might actually be a much appreciated bonus.
    Oh, and if the eyes are the mirror to his soul, then he has evacuated looooong ago. Guy has the same vacant expression in every picture.
    Again, what is it with artists deciding to take drugs and look like morons? Take drugs, sure, make some great music, but TRY AND LOOK DECENT. This is just silly.

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