Pete Doherty and Kate Moss Check Into Rehab Together

Needle and Spoon have checked into rehab together . This would be a heart-warming story if it wasn’t for the express purpose of Doherty needing someone to fake a seizure or scream “Fire!” to distract the orderlies while he escapes. Again.

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty have checked into a London clinic together to help the troubled rocker conquer his drug addictions. The pair were photographed yesterday (29JAN07) arriving at the Capio Nightingale Hospital in north London, which specialises in helping patients overcome drug dependency. It is thought the pair will attend therapy sessions together. A source tells British newspaper The Sun, “They arrived together and they will be supporting each other.”

Petey’s tried rehab one gajillion times, and Kate’s been in the clink herself after she let herself be photographed hoovering up some powder in 2005. Heck, maybe they’ll make a go of it and get clean. And maybe I’ll try cunnilingus. Ok, that was a little declasse, but it’s very early and these two are irritating. They’re not star-crossed lovers. He’s a self-destructive mess, and she’s a slightly less messy multi-million dollar enabler. It’s all well and good until he finds a way to sell her into white slavery for an eight-ball and some fish and chips.

More photos of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty just before entering rehab, after the jump.