Pete Doherty’s Back In The Slammer, Slamming Dope

April 16th, 2008 // 1 Comment

For some reason, Pete Doherty’s latest activities have eluded me. I’d heard that he was flirting with aliens, but I had no idea he was back in jail and using heroin again, but then again, since he hasn’t been dating Kate Moss, I think my interest has waned. They’re like Bobby and Whitney, infinitely more interesting when they’re together.

The Babyshambles singer is back in jail for a parole violation and according to an inmate who dished to The Sun, “We can’t believe how much he’s still clucking for it. They put him inside to force him to give up but Pete always has a need to feed his habit.”

The British rocker has been receiving methadone from doctors during his stay at the Wormwood Scrubs detox unit in London, in an attempt to help wean him off his addiction, but inmates have revealed that Pete’s still using heroin as well.

Wait a minute? I thought he still had that implant in him that kept him from being able to really enjoy the stuff. I guess he must have taken it out again. He takes implants in and out of him more than Pamela Anderson.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. laurella

    i heard he ripped the first one out. but my cousin had one of those implants due to her vicodin abuse, and hers was designed to deteriorate after about 3 months, i think, so that may have been the case with the second one he had put in

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