Pete Doherty To Open Crackhouse For Pets

January 28th, 2008 // 10 Comments

I kid you not. Please turn your attention to the bottom photo. This crazy tool got his cat high on the rock! Mr. Whiskers is strung out and jonesin in some gutter right now! Pete Doherty plans to open an animal sanctuary near his home in Britain. He’s a big animal lover and wants to use his his dough (what he has left after all the drugs and legal fees) to rescue injured animals. Now turn your attention back to the picture where he’s making his pet cat smoke crack. Ok, keep reading. Pete got this idea when he rescued a three-legged hedgehog from the road. He’s named it Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. Oh sweet jesus. A source says “he made sure it got the proper help it needed from a vet and set up a special section for it in his garden. Pete has a big heart. He also loves rats and is looking after one with no tail.He has lots of kittens, too, and hopes that by the end of the year he will be able to open his pet rescue centre at Marlborough to local schools so they can educate children about animals.” Does the hedgehog live beside the meth factory in the shed out back? Btw, the cat in the photo is Pete’s and it’s named Dinger and it will suck your d*ck for a cheesburger, man. Come on, you holdin’?

By J. Harvey

  1. Frank

    i read a story on that he gave Amy Winehouse crak … now his cat?

  2. Persistent Cat

    Last year, didn’t he feed a penguin a joint?

    That makes me so upset. Poor kitties. Poor all the animals.

  3. Jen

    Persistent Cat: You’re kidding, right? You just made that up, right?

  4. Cosmo

    LOL! Everytime I come to this site I always get a good laugh at the editor’s comments. I love it! Keep up the good work.

  5. Al

    The photo horrified me. He needs to be charged for animal cruelty. If he wants to f*#k himself up that’s his business but putting an animal through that …? The guy needs to a total a@$ kicking. What a waste of space Doherty is and what a waste of space that story was.

  6. Zelda F.

    Jen: Sadly, Cat is NOT making that up. The slimebag threw a joint to a penguin at a zoo; the penguin ate it. Pete’s just a waste of oxygen; people like him have NO worth, no purpose being on this planet. I agree TOTALLY with Al. It sounds terrible, but he should just do the world a favor and check out for good.

  7. susan

    He is a SOB, i don’t give a shit how much money you have or had in his case, but he is really being cruel to this cat and i believe a socialites life should take some responsibility and send this picture to a animal rights group and let them deal with him. It’s obvious the cat is being forced to do this…. ulk i am so pissed

  8. H.

    That is not even Peter in the bottome picture.
    He’s lovely with his cats, and they’ve been checked by the vets. So why don’t you all go and get on with your own lives and stop slagging Peter off?

  9. Me

    Please, keep this wacko away from animals. Someone, please call the Animal Rescue League, I mean it!!!! This is not fun at all!!!!

  10. green cardigan

    Look in the eyes of that little cat, or any cat, and you see the innocence and trust.
    To abuse that is criminal.
    Pete’s a tosser.

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