Pete Doherty Puts Down The Pipe, Picks Up The Donuts

October 9th, 2007 // 12 Comments

Whatevs. Seriously, there is no way I’m gonna bag on a bitch for giving up drugs. It’s a little much to constantly snark on a bitch for being a high-ass mess and then give him shit for quitting and growing a double chin. Obesity kills you a lot slower than an the eventual overdose from a mystery eightball some dirty bird sells you does. Cheeseburger ahoy, Pete Doherty. You have my blessing.

Wearing a black suit and his trademark brown trilby, the singer’s white shirt appeared to be straining against his greatly increased girth which seems to have expanded after spending a month in rehab to kick his addiction to drugs.

Clearly, Pete rediscovered his appetite for all things edible during his stay at the Clouds Clinic as the once waif-like Doherty looked much rounder in his face, but healthier than he has for some time.

Right. The British press is like Prince’s mother, they’re never satisfied. Though I’m probably being kind as a karma leveler for wishing Paris would die in a fire in the last post. Pete benefited.

By J. Harvey

  1. peachpie

    he looks good. nothing good can come from a skinny man. then you have to compete with him to see who’s thinnest. that’s wrong, man.

  2. Zekers

    I’m with J. on this one, hope he really kicks it this time. Dare I say, he actually looks a little cleaner and I can no longer smell him through my monitor!

  3. green cardigan

    Crikey, Pete is morphing into Shane McGowan from the Pogues.

    He’s looking well though. Fingers crossed.

  4. I

    “Cheeseburger, ahoy!” Genius – I am stealing that and using it life.

  5. Eyes of Green

    “The British press is like Prince’s mother, they’re never satisfied.”

    J. – you truly almost ended my life there, I choked on my lunch when I read that ~ hysterical!!!

  6. Alex77

    I’m with Eyes…that amazing reference to Prince’s mother almost got me fired…I’m still wiping the tears away…

  7. jeff

    Let Pete have his drugs.

  8. stolidog

    give him back the crack pipe, he needs to shed some pounds.

  9. The Prince reference was priceless. Thank you for that.

  10. Jaime

    I’d still do him. He can lose the weight later…let’s just keep him drug-free…k?

  11. Auks?

    i love that guy in the right, but who’s that fucking fat man in the left?? i’m closing my eyes..don’t say that’s pete…

  12. anonymous

    anyone with experience in photography (who’s not being paid to exploit circumstances and distort the truth) can tell there is virtually no difference between the pictures. the wind was clearly blowing when the left one was taken, which would inflate his tucked-in shirt and pants. the wind has the opposite effect in the other pic caused by him jumping, pressing his clothes against him. in addition, the difference in contrast (left=low, right=high) makes for a distorted comparison because low contrast blends whereas high contrast sharpens, in this case defining the edges of the pic on the right. it’s all a matter of perspective and with enough time and photos it is possible to find a pair of complete opposites.

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