Pete Burns: A Face That Only A Genie Could Love

Former Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns stepped out at London Fashion Week with some new sparkly, piercing additions to his already disfigured cosmetically enhanced face.

He was spotted with eyebrow piercings, pierced forehead and pierced cheekbones at the Pam Hogg and Vivienne Westwood shows with his partner Michael Simpson.

Burns just released a new single last week, “Never Marry An Icon,” and is said to be an aggressive dance song that’s pure disco/pop/dance that’s based on his relationship with Simpson. Last year, Burns won a lawsuit against his cosmetic surgeon who left him ‘suicidal’ after several botched lip implants between 2000 and 2004.

“It is a terrible experience living with the trauma and worry of injury and disability and to have to re-live and recount the details and circumstances of how your injuries happened for the purposes of evidence for the court,” he said, adding, “It has taken away my life and my career. I saw doctors in London who said the only option was to amputate my lips. I was suicidal.”

Well, clearly he’s moved on from his lips and decided to draw attention back to the rest of his face.