Pete Wentz & The Case Of The $1,600 Sunglasses Swag

Oh Pete Wentz. Stop, just stop. Rumor has it, and by rumors I mean eye witness accounts, that the Fall Out Boy singer took home around $1,600 worth of free Carrera sunglasses.

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Story goes that Pete was on the red carpet for Perez Hilton’s One Night when a representative from the sunglasses company approached him and offered him a free pair of sunglasses. She had brought around 10 with so Pete could try them on and find his favorite. According to the witness Pete said, “These are gifts, right?” He then proceeded to grab them, dump them in his swag bag and walk away.

The rep tried to stop him, but Pete had his swag and was off! Damn. Is he always like this? Cause if he is then ex-wife Ashlee Simpson totally made the right choice by hooking up with a new man. I mostly feel bad for their kid Bronx. I mean, he’s gonna be the kid with a douche for a dad.

What are your thoughts on the story? Frankly, from what I’ve heard about Pete I totally believe it. Also, totally impressed he was able to snag 10 pairs from her hands. Think it’s true? Think Pete should send us a pair? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!